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The Supreme Court has become a chess piece for the Biden Administration

“Wait and see” has become the former Vice President Joe Biden's favorite response to questions surrounding the possibility of court-packing during his time on the campaign trail leading up to the 2020 election. Biden was unwilling to announce any specific plans he had in place, but two years later, the plans for the highest court in the land are becoming increasingly evident.

Following a President Trump that appointed three Supreme Court Justices, Biden and the Democrat leaders knew that there was a need for a response. The push for the democrats to court pack was not popular with the general public but confined to thought leaders and elites within the party. He was leading for a new strategy to be adopted to thwart President Trump's progress with the three appointments he had made to the Court.

While not being able to change the number of Justices, there became a direct effort to undermine and threaten the Court’s Justices to comply with the mob’s ideology. First, the White House leaks the retirement of Justice Breyer, a liberal justice, to the news to prepare their ability to set the news narrative surrounding their search for a new Justice. While this at the time seemed to be baffling to the American Public, the plan was just beginning.

Following the appointment of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the bench, Politico published a leaked copy of a draft from the court surrounding the overturning of Roe v. Wade (93). While this is a draft of a possibility of the direction that the Court could be taking, it does seem clear that it is the end of the road for Roe. With the leak of this Court document, the mob was ready to go and rapidly began protesting, not being confined to civil discourse in an arena that would produce effective change but somewhat under cover of darkness in front of different Supreme Court Justice’s homes. When asked by reporters, Jen Psaki questions surrounding the protests, an apparent struggle occurred while trying to find a politically correct response to the question.

This is not the end of the grandiose plan that the Biden Administration has for the Court since this is becoming the only campaign platform that could save his party going into the 2022 Midterm Elections. Although this is not the end for the Court becoming a pawn of the cultural mob, the real implications of the leaks coming from a foundational branch of the American Government are leading towards pushing for an angry mob to place pressure on the Court to do the will of the Biden Administration. Furthering the use of violent mobs that the Biden Administration has used to control the public narrative and push for more radical policy to be introduced in the legislature can only result in continued divisions and issues for the country.


Matthew Schuetz is an independent writer and his views do not represent the official stance of the Pottawatomie County Republican party.

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