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Flags of The United States of America and the State of Oklahoma.


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Initially united in 1854 by the promise to abolish slavery, the Republican Party has always stood for freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. Today, as those principles come under attack from the far-left, we are engaged in a national effort to fight for our proven agenda, take our message to every American, grow the party, promote election integrity, and elect Republicans up and down the ballot. The principles of the Republican Party recognize the God-given liberties while promoting opportunity for every American.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."
Ronald Reagan


The Oklahoma Republican Party is more than just a political party, it is a statewide organization comprised of more than a million citizens who are committed to preserving our values for the next generation. We stand for life, freedom, opportunity, and security. We celebrate the concept of the American Dream and we know that each individual was created by God with inherent value. We recognize that we are called to serve those in need and empower people to live their best life.

until the 2022 Midterm Elections


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Our Next Meeting is
Sept. 8, 2022
7 pm

at the Pottawatomie
County Museum 

614 E. Main St.
Shawnee, OK

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