is the state education agency charged with determining the policies and directing the administration and supervision of the public school system.

Federal laws, regulations, guidance, and other policy documents with which states and public schools often must comply in order to qualify for federal funding. It currently consists of 4 volumes.

Those elected to local school boards must comply with some of the most stringent requirements of  any elected official.

is a compilation of state school statutes, regulations, court decisions, opinions of the OAG, and other related material. This issue contains 1512 sections.

Oklahoma public schools are free schools supported by public taxes. They include nurseries, kindergartens, elementary, secondary schools and technology center schools.  Schools are governed under State Statutes, Title 70.

Title 70   Schools Oklahoma Dept. of Education 2014 Education Law Book U.S. Dept. of Education School Board Requirements School Board Assistance

The Oklahoma State School Boards Association provides training and information services to school board members.

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