The life of every individual is a gift from God.  Neither man, society or government can create life. This gift must be cherished, treasured and respected as a precious gift.  There are many activities of life that are natural and reasonable when conducted without force or deceit.  Among those are the pursuit of liberty, the quest for spirituality, the acquisition of knowledge, the accumulation of property, the joining of free associations and the opposition to force and deceit. These activities, and any others conducted peacefully and honestly, must be cherished, treasured and protected as much as life itself.

The society of the United States of America arose from various free associations between individuals, each of which arose for a separate purpose. Many of these interactions arose from the individual pursuit of happiness in life. Among these are marriages, families, churches, charities, and commerce. We believe every honest and peaceful citizen of these United States of America must be allowed to freely join or leave these free associations in the pursuit of a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Government arose as the protective force in society. This force must be limited to prevent the protective force from becoming a controlling force upon the lives, liberties, properties and free associations of a society. It must act as the protector and guarantor of life and its natural, reasonable, peaceful and honest activities. It must be strictly confined to the respective Constitutions, which represent the sum and total of authorities and duties given by the people to those governments.