Election Central

State Races

Corporation Commissioner

Dana Murphy             Website        Facebook

Senate - District 17

Ron Sharpe               Website        Facebook

Senate - District 13

Jet McCoy                 Website        Facebook

House - District 20    

Bobby Cleveland      Website        Facebook

House - District 26

Dell Kerbs                  Website      Facebook

House - District 27

Josh Cockroft            Website       Facebook

House - District 28

Tom Newell              Website       Facebook

County Races

County Commissioner -  District 2

Randy Thomas         Website        Facebook

County Sheriff - Countywide

Mike Booth                                    Facebook

Federal Races

President - Statewide

Donald Trump           Website        Facebook

Senate - Statewide

James Lankford        Website        Facebook

House - District 5

Steve Russell           Website        Facebook

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The only vote that doesn’t count

is the vote that is not cast.